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Accolades for Antoinette

“Antoinette Montague has a powerful voice, the ability to hold long notes without wavering, and a knack for making every song sound bluesy.”
—Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene


“Jazz players love to accompany a genuine jazz singer and Antoinette is as real as they come: good range, phrasing and taste.”
—Jazz Times

CD Review


Antoinette Montague “Pretty Blues”

by John Gilbert, ejazznews; 5 Stars

Antoinette Montagne sings the blues and she indeed does sing them pretty. Montague articulates clearly and gets off the ground without any undue historionics. . .

“I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water/Everyday I have the Blues” Montague swings coolly and Bill Easley on tenor romps merrily along with a soulful message. Mulgrew Miller dances across the keyboard in fine accompaniment.

Changing gears on the Mandel/Ames composition “Unless It’s You,” Miss Montague shows her versatility with a beautiful rendition of this lovely ballad.

“From This Moment On” How did I know this song would be done ‘up’?

Great arrangement as Miller rips a tasty solo on this piano and Montague with her shining brightly, delivers this tune with joy and panache.

“Dedicated to You” Not an easy tune to do, but Montague makes it seems easy with a solid effort.

“Teach Me Tonight” A great tune done with respect to Sammy Cahn, et. al.

“At Last” Easley’s sax opens the door for Antoinette Montague’s final tune on this album and it closes matters in a manner most fitting. Easley gets ‘in the mud’ on this one in a one mighty soliloquy. Montague’s interpretative powers reign supreme. Fine ending to a fine recording. This is an album to please everyone’s taste.



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